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Desktop phones face extinction as smartphones take over

An industry study has revealed that 84 per cent of IT managers anticipate that the rise of smartphones in business could make desktop phones extinct.       View source website

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LG to include fingerprint scanning tech in all smartphones

LG will include fingerprint scanning technology in all of its smartphones going forward, according to reports.      View source website

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Lenovo unveils four smartphones ahead of CES

Hardware-manufacturer Lenovo is coming to Las Vegas with four new Android-powered smartphones to showcase on the international stage.       View source website

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Asus hints at 4-, 5- and 6-inch smartphones

Asus has teased that it will be showing off new 4-, 5- and 6-inch smartphones at the Consumer Electronics Show in next month.      View source website

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LG developing octa-core processor for 2014 smartphones?

LG is reportedly creating its own octa-core processor, codenamed Odin, that will appear in the company's smartphones and tablets in 2014       View source website

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Kazam unveils seven Android smartphones

UK-based Kazam has unveiled seven new Android-based smartphones.      View source website

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Gartner confirms smartphones have overtaken feature phone sales

Gartner has joined IDC in confirming that smartphones are now consistently outselling feature phones.      View source website

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Vodafone "only interested in 4G-ready smartphones from now on"

Vodafone has said that it is only interested in stocking 4G-ready smartphones going forward.      View source website

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Samsung Galaxy S4 launch: ‘It’s time for smartphones to get smarter’

The Samsung Galaxy S4 launches on Thursday and the mobile world is currently making its wish list. One expert wants a smartphone Tony Stark would be proud of View source website

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Adobe releases Photoshop for smartphones

Photoshop Touch now optimised for use on smaller devices View source website

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