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Yahoo recruiting YouTube stars for rival service

Yahoo is reportedly luring YouTube stars away from the video service to help set up a new TV network that could be the next big thing.       View source website

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PingTune raises £1m to launch music messaging app

PingTune introduces new iPhone app that lets users send slices of music to each other via YouTube and SoundCloud – could this be SnapChat’s successor?       View source website

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YouTube comments change opposed by co-founder

YouTube introduced a new comment system earlier this week which has been opposed by YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim and the sites biggest user, Pewdiepie      View source website

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PS4 does not allow YouTube sharing at launch

PlayStation 4 will not support uploading clips to YouTube at launch, according to the official Sony PlayStation blog      View source website

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YouTube rumoured to be making on-demand streaming service

YouTube is rumoured to be readying a music and video streaming service to rival Spotify. And it'll launch this year, so we've not long to wait to see how it fares.      View source website

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Google blocks Microsoft YouTube app

Microsoft has accused Google of blocking its Windows Phone YouTube app for 'manufactured' reasons      View source website

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YouTube adds more features for smaller channels

YouTube has opened up features that were usually kept for bigger channels to channels with only 100 subscribers or more      View source website

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YouTube adds play icon to tab when audio is playing

YouTube has added a play button icon to Internet browser tabs that are active to help users track where audio is coming from quicker      View source website

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YouTube gets its geek on

YouTube has announced it will be running its first ever Geek Week programming event from August 4th to August 10th 2013      View source website

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Pianist storms off stage after fan refuses to stop filming

Polish Krystian Zimerman accuses YouTube and smartphones of destroying music; organiser agrees, adding filming is "theft, plain and simple"      View source website

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