It takes a special kind of recruiter to engage enough with a potential respondent, that they can actually ‘recruit’ them to take part in a research project, especially if this requires them to attend an interview away from their own home.

At Fieldwork Light, we have those special kind of recruiters; the majority we use, only undertake list recruitment and are so experienced that they put the respondent at ease quickly and have a much higher than average attendance and ultimately, success rate, because of this.

We update clients regularly, handle their data in a highly confidential way and ensure that their customers are always left feeling valued and comfortable that their privacy has not been compromised.

Generally, these kind of interviews would not be held in a recruiter home, as a more ‘professional’ impression is required and therefore they are likely to be conducted in either a Viewing Facility or a Venue. Very occasionally, they may be held at a Client’s premises.