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How energy switching sites ‘hide’ deals that won’t make them money

Switching websites are keeping smaller suppliers from competing in the energy market by obscuring some available deals, a This is Money investigation has found. View source website

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Ovo launches scheme to help local community groups take on the Big Six

Community groups and local authorities would be able to generate their own power, sell energy to local residents, and invest in energy efficiency. View source website

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‘Big Six’ energy firms could see £2bn windfall over three years thanks to cut in green levy

In an open letter to the government, the Insulated Render and Cladding Association warned households face overpaying £23 a year for energy efficient schemes. View source website

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Four top tricks to save money from the Queen of the discounts

No one takes the job of family budgeting more seriously than Sandra Purser from Wymondham, Norfolk, for whom money-saving is a year-round job in itself. View source website

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Consumers could spend a bit more on luxuries as pressure on household ‘essential’ budget eases

A study by Lloyds Bank found that essential spending by UK households grew by less than 1 per cent last month, the first time this has happened in more than a year. View source website

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Tesco cuts prices on basics to win back customers lost to Aldi and Lidl

Tesco is dropping prices on more than 30 products, from bacon, to baked beans, broccoli and bread. It is also introducing free click and collect for food shopping. View source website

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Enjoy the good life – it can save you a fortune: From keeping chickens or bees to cultivating your allotment, you can profit while you’re having fun

Here’s how to profit from a more sustainable lifestyle – following the example of Tom and Barbara in TV sitcom The Good Life. View source website

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I switched and cut my costs by £30 a month: Get big savings on your energy bills from the small suppliers

Martin Spencer (pictured) recently switched to a one-year fixed tariff with Flow Energy, one of the smaller suppliers, saving £30 a month. View source website

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Is defrosting the freezer the easiest way to cut energy bills overnight?

The family from Leeds could not work out why their energy usage seemed to inch up every day – until they stumbled upon a surprise discovery. View source website

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16,000 SSE customers could be in line for a refund as energy supplier admits meters are faulty

As many as 16,000 customers on its Economy 10 (E10) tariff may have been overcharged for their electricity consumption for years. View source website

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