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Apple and Samsung head back to court for patent battle

Apple and Samsung are set to return back to court on Monday for the latest battle in their patent war.       View source website

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Tesla boss quashes Apple acquisition talk

Tesla chief executive Elon Musk has quashed rumours that Apple has spoken to him about acquiring the electric car maker.      View source website

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Is Apple planning to buy Tesla?

Apple may be in the process of purchasing electric car maker Tesla.      View source website

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iPhone 6 to feature two Sony-made camera sensors?

Sony is in negotiations with Apple to supply the camera sensors for the next iPhone according to reports.      View source website

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Apple pushes back Mac Pro delivery till April

Apple has pushed back the delivery date for its Mac Pro computer to April in the UK.      View source website

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Samsung beats Apple to become top trade-in brand

Samsung may have seen smaller sales for the Galaxy S4 than hoped but that hasn't stopped it sailing past Apple when it comes to the UK trade-in market      View source website

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Cook confirms Apple is working on new categories

Apple’s chief executive Tim Cook has confirmed for the first time that Apple is working on new product categories.      View source website

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Apple focus on health and fitness with iOS 8 and iWatch

Rumours suggest that Apple is focusing on health and fitness tracking with Healthbook iOS 8 app that will monitor your fitness via the upcoming iWatch.       View source website

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Why Apple’s TV revolution will come in a set top box

Let’s talk about the Apple TV. It’s one of those rumours that has been doing the rounds for over a year now and seems to refuse to die.      View source website

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iPad Pro unlikely, claims market research company

Apple is unlikely to launch an iPad Pro, despite evidence suggesting it is at least testing out the concept.      View source website

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