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Nokia drops Android smartphone hints

Nokia has dropped its biggest hint yet that it will soon unveil its first Android-powered smartphone.      View source website

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UK smartphone ownership sees Android and iPhone on par

A recent national survey reveals that smartphone ownership is soaring with iPhones and Android devices on par whilst BlackBerry and Windows Phones try to keep up.      View source website

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Panasonic to unveil rugged smartphone at MWC 2014

After pulling out of the mobile market last autumn, Panasonic is said to be making a comeback by unveiling its new smartphone at Mobile World Congress 2014.       View source website

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CAT unveils rugged smartphone

Bullitt Mobile has unveiled a rugged smartphone at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.      View source website

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Acer reveals updated tablets and a new smartphone for CES

Acer has stolen a march on the barrage of tech announcments due at next week's CES show by revealing two new updated tablets, a new smartphone and a refreshed Chromebook.      View source website

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Former Nokia employees launch their own smartphone

A group of ex-Nokia employees have launched their own smartphone in Finland. And they hope to bring it to the UK soon. But can it take on their former firm?      View source website

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Motorola signs deal to produce modular smartphone parts

Motorola no doubt raised a few eyebrows when it announced it would be making a 'modular' smartphone but now it has a manufacturer on board to build it      View source website

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Xbox One Smartphone concept video, specs and more

Is an Xbox One smartphone a possibility? The Xbox One console may have barely launched but already we're looking to the future of the Xbox brand and the possibility of a gaming-focussed smartphone from Microsoft      View source website

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Amazon smartphone: Release date, price, specs, news and rumours

Amazon is set to become the next major company to launch its own smartphone. Well, that’s if the rumours and speculation around a Kindle smartphone turn out to be true.      View source website

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Exclusive T3 render of an Xbox One smartphone

Some of T3.com's resident artists have been putting together an exclusive 3D render of a Microsoft Xbox One smartphone. It's what we all want to see…      View source website

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