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iPhone 6 to include fingerscanner in its screen?

A patent recently filed by Apple has provided the biggest hint yet that the company will include fingerprint scanning in the iPhone 5s and iPhone 6.      View source website

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iPhone 5.7 concept revealed ahead of possible 2013 iPhone 6 launch

If the iPad Mini has proved anything it's that Apple isn't above adapting to a changing market, could Apple bring out a larger iPhone to tackle the Galaxy S4?      View source website

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Apple considering iPhone in store trade ins in US

Customers would be able to recycle their phones and use the value against a new iPhone      View source website

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Original iPhone will become obsolete in Apple Stores by July

The first ever iPhone did have its problems, it was only 2G, the battery life wasn't great and you couldn't install any new apps, that said it did sell over 6 million units      View source website

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iPhone 5S release in August, new iPad and iPad Mini arriving April?

Apple will definitely be releasing a new iPhone this year, the question is will it be an updated iPhone 5S, a completely new iPhone 6 or a budget-friendly incarnation View source website

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Apple loses iPhone trademark ruling in Brazil

Apple will be fighting tooth and nail to make sure the Apple iPhone remains the only iPhone you can buy in Brazil after a court has ruled against their claim to exclusivity View source website

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New law makes it illegal to unlock your iPhone

Unlocking an iPhone, or any other smartphone for that matter, is now illegal in the United States of America View source website

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Analysts claim iPhone 5 sales still strong

Earlier this week it was reported that Apple had cut back on ordering more component parts for iPhone 5 handsets, due to 'weaker than expected sales' View source website

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Apple to release budget iPhone alongside iPhone 6?

With Apple iPhone 6 rumours already flying around and the news that Apple could be releasing an iPad Mini 2 the rumour of a budget iPhone doesn't seem that far-fetched View source website

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Samsung Galaxy S4 specs and image leaked?

The Samsung Galaxy S4 will the company's direct competition to Apple's iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 so if this image is anything to go by then Samsung believes bigger is better View source website

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