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Leaving your digital music to your children? Sorry, it dies with you

More than £30 billion of films, music and books bought through iTunes and Amazon could vanish when their owners die. View source website

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Amazon reveals GTA 5 for PC listing

PC gamers may be denied access to Los Santos, but a mysterious listing on Amazon suggests a PC version of GTA V could be on the cards      View source website

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Amazon recruiting for new speech recognition product?

Retail giant Amazon is apparently holding a recruitment event for prospective employees in Boston, for some kind of new product      View source website

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Amazon removes free delivery for ALL orders under £10. Books, CDs and films smacked with postage charges

Free ‘Super Saver Delivery’ is to be removed on all Amazon orders under £10, the online retailer announced today in an email to associate members. View source website

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Amazon testing delivery drones

Amazon has confirmed that it is testing drones as a potential delivery method.      View source website

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Amazon UK posts details of the Moto G

It’s probably safe to assume that the Motorola Moto G will be coming to the UK, after Amazon posted details of the phone online.      View source website

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Amazon set top box: Rumours, speculation, news, price and release date

Amazon is said to be the next company to enter the set top box race.      View source website

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Amazon’s set-top box reportedly delayed

Amazon is rumoured to be making its own set-top box, running Android, but it's apparently been delayed, so we might not see it until early next year.      View source website

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Tech Week: Around the Network

Just because Apple and Nokia have announcements planned for next week, doesn't mean the last seven days have been boring when it comes to tech. For one, Amazon and Argos both released new tablets while EE has been putting together the UK's first ever 4G PAYG plan.

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Amazon smartphone: Release date, price, specs, news and rumours

Amazon is set to become the next major company to launch its own smartphone. Well, that’s if the rumours and speculation around a Kindle smartphone turn out to be true.      View source website

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