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I switched and cut my costs by £30 a month: Get big savings on your energy bills from the small suppliers

Martin Spencer (pictured) recently switched to a one-year fixed tariff with Flow Energy, one of the smaller suppliers, saving £30 a month. View source website

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Is defrosting the freezer the easiest way to cut energy bills overnight?

The family from Leeds could not work out why their energy usage seemed to inch up every day – until they stumbled upon a surprise discovery. View source website

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Energy bills: Is it really worth switching and where are the best deals?

Energy price tariffs are in a constant merry-go-round with suppliers constantly battling to pinch customers from each other. We show you how to win. View source website

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Is it your house’s fault your energy bills are so high?

Npower chief executive Paul Massara has declared that your house is the real culprit behind high energy bills. We look at the numbers to see if he’s right. View source website

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Comparethemarket.com launches Snapt app to help save energy bills

Price comparison site comparethemarket.com has launched Snapt – an iOS app that promises to cut energy bills by doing all the hard work for you.       View source website

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Could this be the answer to rising energy bills? Home made flower pot heater cost just 8p a day to run.

With sky-high energy bills putting pressure on families budgets would you resort to any of these wacky ideas to heat your home? View source website

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From energy monitors to radiator tubes … SEVEN gadgets that can cut your bills by hundreds of pounds

Families are facing record energy bills averaging £1,264. Nigel Berman, pictured, cut his fuel expenses by £200 a year using an energy monitor View source website

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Ofwat blocks Thames Water’s plan to hike energy bills by 8%

Water regulator Ofwat refused Thames Water’s request to hike bills by eight per cent, in a move seen as signalling a wider crackdown on rising bills. View source website

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Woodburning stoves: Can they cut your energy bills?

Fans claim you could save £300 a year by installing a woodburning stove. But booming sales are as much about fashion as anything else, so are they worth it? View source website

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AXED! Discounts for paying energy bills on time – just as prices go up

Firms claim new rules being brought in by the regulator Ofgem mean that from next year they will no longer be allowed to offer these discounts. View source website

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