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Gears of War producer quits to work on Mass Effect 4

With work on the Xbox One and PS4 title already underway Epic Games’ Chris Wynn announced via Twitter that he will be joining BioWare to focus on the Mass Effect 4      View source website

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PS4 and Xbox One cheaper than 360 and PS3

Adjusted for inflation, the upcoming generation is cheaper than the last – just; PS4 same price as the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One is still nearly £75 cheaper than the PS3.      View source website

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Sony avoided used game restrictions because of concerns over retail market

PS4 maker doesn't want to harm 'fragile' shops; aiming to retake UK market from Microsoft      View source website

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PS4 boss: big game companies are more conservative

PS4 boss Shuhei Yoshida says the PlayStation's renewed focus on independent developers is a reaction to the industry's widespread conservatism      View source website

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PS4 and PlayStation Camera will cost less than £400 together

Sony reveals pricing for peripherals; DualShock 4 to cost £54, PlayStation Camera £49      View source website

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Sony confirms the PS4 does feature some DRM

Publishers will be given the option on whether to block access to features on second hand titles      View source website

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PS4 will not be region locked

PlayStation exec Shuhei Yoshida confirms Sony will not lock consoles or games to regions      View source website

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Sony reveals PS4 console design, priced at £349 in the UK

Sony has taken the ascendancy in the next-gen console war by announcing the PS4 price, revealing there'll be no restrictions on used games and no required online connectivity      View source website

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Xbox One can utilise cloud-computing to enhance next-gen graphics

The Xbox One appeared in the flesh but the console faced a different criticism to the PS4, concerning its power. Luckily it looks like Microsoft had a trick up its sleeve      View source website

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Sony to prioritise PS4 shipments in Europe over Japan claims insider

PlayStation 4 maker considers Europe the main battleground of the next generation, comments suggest      View source website

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