We’ve been a group of secret squirrels lately!

We took the run up to Easter as an opportunity to get our sites updated. So here we are!! We’re also super social now with our Facebook and Twitter accounts all linked up to our latest and greatest website supplied by Dedicated UK Hosting.

So now what? Well, it’s just the beginning. We’ve had a period of investment focussing on our IT infrastructure, our partner relationships (such as bespoke studios and creative spaces) and we’re now ready to start rolling out these benefits to our clients and suppliers as appropriate.

At a time when a number of recruitment companies are struggling, particularly outside London, we continue to thrive. Why is that? Well, take a look at the brands and clients we work with, they’re on the front page and it’s not an exhaustive list. People come back to us over and over again because we’ve got around 25 years in the industry and can offer a wealth of tools, ways of working and experience (you can’t buy the last one!).

We’re looking forward to the next couple of years and the benefits of the foundations we’ve put in place. We’re hoping you’ll be along for the ride too.

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